Wonky Dogs Portraits

Contemporary pet portraiture for the stylish animal lover

The following checklist will help:

There is no need to provide a professional photograph, just a family snap will be great. You can also email me a selection to sarah@wonkydogs.com and I will advise on which photo I think will work best for your animal.

Providing your photo: what I need

  • try and catch the dog at a relaxed time, have your camera ready for that perfect moment, rather than try and force it.
  • take the photo at eye level to the dog so that he/she isn't looking up at the camera
  • don't be so close to the dog that the snout become distorted. I can always zoom in on the computer.
  • good, even lighting, often best to take outside.
  • photo needs to be taken at high resolution 300dpi, size a minimum of 15cm.
  • the photo must absolutely represent the dog's character: you look at it and say 'yes that is so him/her'
  • you love the photo! That way you will love the portrait even more.
  • Or.. you already have a photo that fits the bill perfectly. No need to take a new one specially.